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Playstation Network

Damn playstation network is down! How could they do that to us! And seriously, at what point did the video games I own, turn into essentially “internet connected and llive” only games?! So lame!! I just wanna hop on this … Continue reading

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There’s this girl I love. She’s not mine- she has a him. But I’m not a taker, So she’s his. And I’m a faker, I pretend to her that I don’t care, It takes my whole focus, to not call … Continue reading

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One useful tidbit of knowledge for the modern citizen to consider, is the degree to which the words we use today have changed, since their inception. Take for instance the word “clever.” In modern English society, “clever” is typically defined … Continue reading

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Girl, Hey there girl, You and i, weve been friends for quite a awhile But know girl, just seein you, it’s not enough. Sitting here, pretending i don’t care All I wanna do girl, is run my hands, caress your … Continue reading

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