Just. Some. Thoughts.

What a mess!

I try to stop thinkin about you, but in tryin to not think, I end up thinking about you!

Haha, what a stupid problem to have.

You see, I realize we’re friends, close friends, but I can’t stop caring about you.

I realize it’s been 7 years since we met, and I realize that means friend zone forever, but I can’t help it.

Those little looks you give me, I know you pose like that to catch my attention- what’s that aboout? And really? You so comfortable u gonna invite me into bed, to your shower- like, what the hell?

And fitness! U want me to get you in shape huh. Well shitt- you know while I’m bein your fitness coach, I’m sneakin those looks… Oh wait, you straight up posing and struttin your stuff right in front of me…what I’m supposed to do girl? Damn. You got everyone in here staring, but you staring right at me.

What I’m supposed to do?

7 years we been friends, I got a girl, you got a guy, and yet everyone around thinks it looks like you got me and I got you. I know you feel that Connection- you’re like wifi to my phone!

Alas, friends we are, and to be the best friend I can be, I try to act like I dont like what I see. When you strippin down your clothes, and starin at me, I just smile and turn. I know you just that comfortable.

And when you starin in my eyes, sharing my sandwich, sipping my drink, and laughing at my jokes, I know you just that comfortable.

And when you telling me everything, and asking my advice, and callin me with news, I know you just that comfortable.

And when you asking to hang for a weekend, or offering your place to me if I need it, after a tuff night with my girl, I know you just that comfortable.

Or am I missing something?

Man, what a mess you got me.

I’ll see you tomorrow- well start workin on your yoga, move to the gym to work on that muslce tone, finish with some cardio to keep you healthy. God I keep you lookin good.

What a mess you make of my mind


About Adeimantus Aletheia

Adeimantus was the older brother of Plato. Aletheia, is the old Greek word representing both absolute truth, and relative truth. The Delphic Knife (Delphian Knife) is mentioned by Aristotle, as one of the first multi-purpose, mass produced knives. The purpose of a knife is to separate; the purpose of this blog, will be to separate truth, from lies, and to discuss rather important facets of our Society- that society - being the United States, and the international (as well as domestic) social climate that it (we) operate within. My Background: Dabbled in Oceanography, engineering, and law, before deciding on a movement into managerial economics and political science. I have studied Greek and Latin and German (briefly French) in order that I may better understand the basis of the words that form our method of communication today (that method being English). In addition, my mathematical skills have been honed through a stint in engineering, and improved as I got my degree in Economics. My political science degree was for fun, although the philosophy courses I took, caused a profound and permanent change in my methods of thought- I highly recommend all students to complete a "tour" of philosophy for their own personal use.
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