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Well it’s 10pm-ish, and I’m back in my hotel. Tonight- had some beers, some wine, some fish kebab (salmon, scallop, halibut, shrimp, lobster, pineapple, green/red pepper, onion…), a walk on the beach, live music (2 bands! Two locations, neither of which I ate at!), had to tag along with the old folk though haha!

Ok so, government comped business trips are pretty awesome on a number of levels, but the one level that always seems to fail is social companionship, i.e. A wingman! Haha.

But, no worries, it’s the end of the work week, so it is time to board that flight (drunk that is haha!) and fly on back home to Portland.

Ah snap; I hang out in San Diego one week, Albuquerque the next week, Portland after that, and most likely, back down to San Diego after that.

What a life; next up? Achieving my facility clearance. Course, 99.9% of people reading this (ie one person lol) will not know what that is. Ok, so when you are a federal contractor you can apply for a facility clearance permit- this clears your facility to have access to classified documents. It’s necessary if you are attempting to secure bids requiring classified documents.

Well snap. I’m about to hit the sack. I’m done haha

About Adeimantus Aletheia

Adeimantus was the older brother of Plato. Aletheia, is the old Greek word representing both absolute truth, and relative truth. The Delphic Knife (Delphian Knife) is mentioned by Aristotle, as one of the first multi-purpose, mass produced knives. The purpose of a knife is to separate; the purpose of this blog, will be to separate truth, from lies, and to discuss rather important facets of our Society- that society - being the United States, and the international (as well as domestic) social climate that it (we) operate within. My Background: Dabbled in Oceanography, engineering, and law, before deciding on a movement into managerial economics and political science. I have studied Greek and Latin and German (briefly French) in order that I may better understand the basis of the words that form our method of communication today (that method being English). In addition, my mathematical skills have been honed through a stint in engineering, and improved as I got my degree in Economics. My political science degree was for fun, although the philosophy courses I took, caused a profound and permanent change in my methods of thought- I highly recommend all students to complete a "tour" of philosophy for their own personal use.
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