Hmm what to do?

Ok, so what to do here:

Background: Had feelings for this girl for years, but never let her know, or told her, as I know she values our friendship greatly; she’s told me on numerous occasions that she’s thankful that our friendship has been the one unbreakable male relationship in her life. I mean the girl memorized all my fav foods, and knows waay more about me than any past gf know.

Basically we’re best friends, so I’ve protected her and the friendship by never letting on. oh ya and I have had gf (as she has had bf) off and on for the duration of the friendship.

Recently she got a job and moved away, and we’ve all but stopped talking. I figured at this point, it may be healthy for me to delete her from my life. So her phone number is gone, mutual friends cut, social networks cut, etc.

Well it’s been about a month since we last talked, and im guessing she has no clue that I’m trying to get over the feelings (and move on) as she has no clue about them.

Well she started texting me asking to catch up on life (yesterday and today) and I haven’t responded.

I actually got the courage to tell her that
I’m trying to get over feelings for her and need time & distance for that to happen. Course, there’s no going back to being good friends once i say that, it’s like nuking a friendship, one of my oldest friendships.

Also, I’m not gonna lie, like most optimistic people, I’ve always held out hope she felt the same way. I doubt it, but it’s possible she does.

So do I tell the truth, push the button and nuke the friendship?

Or do I just keep on sailing straight, risking the dangers of being sunk (i.e. Being hopelessly in love) in her sea of amazingness?

Ugh. I don’t know what to do. I didn’t have her number so it took a few texts before I realized it was her textin me.

I typed out the “Nuke” option, but didn’t send it, as it didn’t feel right ending a friendship via text.

Oh man..any advice, world?

About Adeimantus Aletheia

Adeimantus was the older brother of Plato. Aletheia, is the old Greek word representing both absolute truth, and relative truth. The Delphic Knife (Delphian Knife) is mentioned by Aristotle, as one of the first multi-purpose, mass produced knives. The purpose of a knife is to separate; the purpose of this blog, will be to separate truth, from lies, and to discuss rather important facets of our Society- that society - being the United States, and the international (as well as domestic) social climate that it (we) operate within. My Background: Dabbled in Oceanography, engineering, and law, before deciding on a movement into managerial economics and political science. I have studied Greek and Latin and German (briefly French) in order that I may better understand the basis of the words that form our method of communication today (that method being English). In addition, my mathematical skills have been honed through a stint in engineering, and improved as I got my degree in Economics. My political science degree was for fun, although the philosophy courses I took, caused a profound and permanent change in my methods of thought- I highly recommend all students to complete a "tour" of philosophy for their own personal use.
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